Wednesday, December 24, 2008

EDM Challenge #1

Draw a shoe. A *shoe*!?! I wanted to begin these Everyday Matters Challenges when I first joined the group a couple of months ago, but I've been putting it off, mostly because I couldn't figure out how to draw the SHOE. Sandal? Slipper? Winter boot? With or without feet? Could it have its mate beside it, or would I "fail" if somehow I didn't stick to exactly what the challenge said?

Well, here it is. Last night I took a 3B pencil in hand, sat down and drew my partner's shoe. What fun! What a sense of liberation. And do you know what? That little voice that nagged at me for two whole months, saying that without perfection nothing is worthwhile... well, I guess it must have taken a nap while I was sketching.

I have a lot of challenges to catch up on. But in the meantime, I'd appreciate comments on the shoe and ways to improve it. Is there enough contrast? Does the rubber sole LOOK like a rubber sole?


  1. Terrific job! EDM challenges are most definitely open to interpretation :)
    Welcome to the group, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Hey, that's a great shoe! I'm glad you silenced that inner voice -- it's a real beastie, isn't it?

  3. It's a great shoe- yes it looks like a rubber sole - may the little voices eventually fade to just static -- welcome to EDM it is a wonderful place to find your creative voice