Friday, May 22, 2009

Watercolor pencils -- let the fun begin

I just joined the Watercolor Pencils online class offered by Kate Johnson. I'm looking forward to this and it was very timely given that just a month or so ago I began playing around with WC pencils. The class promises to be great (!) and I expect to develop skill with this medium. So far, a couple of things I've noticed:
1. Coming from a WC background, I want to wet everything. So I'll need to learn when it's okay to create various washes, and when it's okay to let the pencil texture shine through. And this should, I imagine, be a different effect from mixed-media use of colored pencils on WC. ??
2. Do I crosshatch everything? Just color things in? Use the pencils as pencils, or slightly flatter? Okay, will pursue these questions as well.

Several posts follow, along with pix.

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