Monday, April 11, 2011

Revitalizing myself

Went to the 25th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective yesterday. What a time that was! It was coordinated by our local calligraphy guru and teacher, Anne Binder, and 6 of her students accompanied her. It was a pleasure to watch Anne "do her thing" as one of the past winners of the Purchase Prize -- several of those winners were there and we had the opportunity to watch them in action as they "calligraphed" on a huge board.

Four calligraphers also did small demos. I was struck by one artist who used graphite overlaid with graphitint pencils that she then wet and (once dry) erased. Opened such possibilities for using my own graphitint in new ways.

Followed the exhibition with a trip to a paper store and then to Blick. Yum!

Have now started a painting of two pears (working title="Complementary pair"). Yes, we're one-third of the way into 2011 and this is not only my first post for the year, but my first post in A WHOLE YEAR! With any luck, that will change.

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