Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's add crochet to this blog

Yup. I've begun crocheting again. Dishcloths are a great way to practise new stitches and also get back into the groove. So here's a new contribution to the world of cleanliness! This is based on the type of mitered square that starts at the outside and works its way in, gradually decreasing. (There are others where you start with a couple of stitches and the square "grows".) I was very unhappy with one that I found recently since the resulting fabric, worked in single crochet, was not a square. It occurred to me that using half-double-crochet would help to expand it a bit.

First few rows -- close up

Since seams are often noticeable, I tried to get around that by creating a bit of texture in the middle of each segment, thus minimising the "different" look of the seam.

First few rows

As I worked on one (see pix of the growing cloth), it became clear that it was dying to become a pentagon -- but I forced it into a square, nonetheless. :)
Wants to be a pentagon; needs to be a square

Nearly there; need to close those jaws

Of course, the next step was to make a new one, this time allowing it to follow its natural inclination. I liked how this worked. So after this, it was one in green for my friend V.

The final pentagon -- so happy!

I really like how this pentagon worked out. It will be great for cleaning up my kitchen.

Dishcloth for V. I hope it matches her kitchen!


  1. Hi Dee,

    I am thrilled to "see" you online again and I love your dishcloths. I have some pattern books and used to crochet all my own because store bought ones are so lame. You make me want to make more, but I'm still working on watercolor and have just begun an altered book.

    So many things to do, so little time.

    Now that Spring is here, we need to work on getting together again,


    1. Indeed! Thanks for your great comment; I've been off-line for waaaay too long and it's good to begin blogging again. Tell me if you want any dishcloths and what color you'd prefer. It's such a meditative process that I'd be happy to make something for you!