Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not Your Average Watermelon

I'm taking a class with Laure Ferlita called "Artful Journaling". The goal of the class is to develop confidence and skills in journaling. Materials are watercolor paints (limited palette) and a waterbrush. Our second assignment is to paint from a reference photo. Laure had a very nice technique for painting this slice of watermelon, and I'm very pleased with the variation of color that resulted. Not so happy, though, with the rest of the painting. The hardest part for me was working with the waterbrush. Perhaps I need to squeeze continuously while painting -- I found that my ink dried far too fast. Additionally, it wasn't as easy to clean my w/brush as I'd expected. (I've been using w/brushes for about 12 years, having purchased my first one at a Chinese store in San Francisco last century. But I've never attempted to use them the same way I'd use a regular w/c brush. I've thought of them as mere sketching tools.) I ended up using TWO brushes... one that had no regulator, so once it was held upside-down, the water slowly came out; and my frustrating brush, which I used to mix paint. Wish I could dig up my other w/brushes.

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