Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Chairs in Companionship

Not what one thinks of as a "beach photo", but these two chairs captured my attention my second day at the beach. They seemed like old companions, contentedly looking out to sea. In fact, the sea is just a matter of yards away from them. I was also struck by the sheer difference in color of the grass beside and beneath them. It was a challenge to capture, as my eyes kept telling me, "green", while my mind insisted that there was enough difference and enough contrast that the colors simply couldn't be the same.
The shadows were also intriguing in themselves. This could make a pretty nice abstract painting some day. I kept thinking about my friend Vicki's Adirondack chairs... this pair is the best I could manage!

Very faintly, on the right side of the paper, is the outline that I drew of colorful clothespins on a line. Again, potential for a very nice, colorful painting. I didn't have time to put in color (my friends and family returned too soon and interrupted me), but I've got a couple of very good shots that are inspiring. I just need to work at it.

1 comment:

  1. Nice picture, sure to evoke memories of the beach.

    Maybe next time we sketch together we can find some Adirondacks to try.