Monday, December 2, 2013

Snaky Scarf

As promised, here's the first scarf, using the yarns mentioned in my previous post: Schmaltz and Caracara.

This scarf is based on the "Lacy Lapghan" pattern created by Sandi Marshall at About Crochet ( When I saw it, it struck me that it would look very nice in a much airier pattern. I held a strand of each yarn together and used an enormous  (N) hook. Because of the scarf's narrowness, it worked up very quickly -- 20 rows to the end. I added a final row of 2dc, sk 2 st, 6 dc, sk 2 st (twice), 2 dc to make it fan out a bit. Turned it around and repeated the scarf from the other end of the foundation chain. When blocked, it stretched out quite nicely and has loads of drape. Not much stitch definition, but an overall pleasing pattern. Now, who's going to get this scarf?
Close-up of one end. See the bling?

Over six feet!

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